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  • 23 year old short order cook
  • Front seat passenger in a tragic single motor vehicle accident
  • Driver and rear seat passenger were fatalities
  • Complete paraplegic at T-5
  • All occupants of the vehicle were impaired
  • No seat belt worn
  • As a result of the impairment and failure to wear a seat belt, liability was contested
  • Claim settled on the eve of trial for just under $1,100,000


  • 30 year old part-time logger
  • Driver of a half ton pick-up involved in a head-on collision with a one ton logging service vehicle on a logging road during active work hours
  • Alcohol impairment nearly three times the legal limit
  • No seat belt
  • No two way radio
  • C-4 complete quadriplegic
  • In view of the Defendants' perception that the Plaintiff's claim was without merit, liability and damages severed
  • Liability settled on the morning of the first day of the liability trial for a 75% / 25% split in favour of the Plaintiff
  • Damages settled just prior to the quantum trial for a gross amount of just under $3,150,000


  • 23 year old with preexisting cerebral palsy and Banti's syndrome
  • Grade 7 education
  • Passenger in a single car motor vehicle accident
  • T-8 complete paraplegic
  • Claim settled for the policy limits of $1,030,000

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