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What not to do

Sign anything You are not obligated to sign anything regarding your accident, your injury or claim without first consulting your lawyer of choice.

Discuss anything While it is natural to talk about what happened to your friends and family please be careful about what you disclose and to whom you reveal things to. Any comments you make no matter how casual or innocent can be used against you. Also be aware of well-meaning, non-professional advice. This can lead to unreal expectations and future confusion. When you have questions about your claim, the person to ask is your lawyer.

What to do

Get Professional Help Ensure you receive fair treatment. It wont cost you a penny to find out. It could cost you everything if you dont.

Do it now Timing can mean everything including: Assuring prompt and proper medical treatment, contacting the insurance company, assembling medical and non-medical evidence while still fresh and preparing health care and legal strategies in order to create and maintain a healthy journey to recover your losses.

These first steps should lead to new confidence, assurance and a secure sense of direction resulting in most importantly, your peace of mind.

So, why speak to a lawyer?
Its simple.
The insurance companies know if you are being treated fairly.
Do You?

“Legal representation is only as good as the
professional you choose”

Devon Carbol: 604.669-5030


Carbol & Associates: ICBC and Personal Injury Claims Trial Lawyers

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