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Our Relationship Our first focus and duty is to represent your best interests both in health and in finances. This includes rehabilitation and treatment needs. Our methods, strategies and goals are directed to advance your cause in order to ensure the best possible complete recovery for you. We seek to earn a warm relationship including complete trust and confidence from the beginning right through to completion. We work for you!

Understanding While embracing the value of patience, we will always be sensitive to your best wishes and where speed is required, we will forge forward.  We have the experience and knowledge to completely and correctly assess and evaluate your potential claims. You can expect a clear explanation of all options available to you as well as potential compensation as a result of your claim. This may include: Income loss from the date of your accident, future wage or income loss, ongoing costs of care, property loss, and compensation for pain and suffering as a result of the accident. While striving to negotiate the best possible settlement out of court of your claim, should settlement strategies fail, we will battle right to the very end!

Advances & Fees We will advance all legal disbursements required for you. These may include: medical and actuarial reports, court filings and trial fees, transcripts and searches and even private investigator costs if required. We are paid only when we collect.

In Touch We will vigorously maintain our knowledge of the latest advances in law and medicine in relation to the full range of injuries and loses that may be suffered by our clients. When additional medical and other experts are required on your behalf, we have trusted and valued professionals to turn to.

“Legal representation is only as good as the
professional you choose”

Devon Carbol: 604.669-5030


Carbol & Associates: ICBC and Personal Injury Claims Trial Lawyers

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