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Lawyers, for all the right reasons

We choose to make a difference and we do it by example.
That wonderful bedside manner expected in the medical profession becomes our model in our treatment of our clients.
We believe it is all about people, people in need who deserve special care and understanding during times of duress.
So often when choosing a lawyer people look for that winner who successfully wins full compensation and restoration for loss, and rightly so.
We like to add these vital ingredients to the mix. Respect, trust, confidence and peace throughout the entire journey.

“Legal representation is only as good as the
professional you choose”


Devon Carbol: 604.669-5030
Email: carbol@bclawyer.ca
Website: www.bclawyer.ca

Our Address:
Suite 950 1111 Melville St.
Vancouver, B.C.
V6E 3V6


Carbol & Associates: ICBC and Personal Injury Claims Trial Lawyers

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